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Educational Trip to Spain

The Educational and Cultural Trip to Spain is an opportunity for 5th grade students attending the International Studies Spanish Program to experience the Spanish culture firsthand. This experience affords students the opportunity to attend school in Madrid and to visit many majestic and historic sites in Madrid and its surrounding areas.

Important Facts about the Trip
  • ​The Educational Trip to Spain is sponsored and organized by SIPA and it is not a Miami-Dade County Public School Event.

  • This trip is offered to all 5th grade students currently enrolled in the International Studies Spanish Program in good academic and conduct standing and SIPA members in 4th and 5th Grade.

  • It takes place during the Spring Break.All students will attend school for 3 days

  • SIPA hires an experienced Spanish Tour Agency that has been organizing our trips for the last 15 years.

  • Space is limited. This is not a family trip.





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